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January 14 2022 – Ariel SAvana Angel Partners (ASAP), an angel investment group based in Savannah, GA, has appointed Carl D. Francis as Chairman of its new Board of Directors. Francis Seasoned businessman and The investor who led A number of prominent personalities Technology companies from the beginning to succeed, He has been a member of ASAP since 2006. He has served on the group’s board of directors since 2017 and was appointed as Vice President last year. Francis’ new role has become effective This month it takes reins fromPresident Bo Anders training, landing-basedRetired Silicon Valley KPMG Managing Partner.

Angel investors provide capital to startup companies, usually in exchange for a share in the company or a debt security. ASAP, founded in 2005, has become one of the largest angel investment groups in the SoutheastEARN YOU.s. It currently has investments in 35 companies. as soon as possible Include wallet A number of interesting and high-potential works Which develops high-tech medical devices, new surgical procedures, genetic engineering solutions, advanced breastfeeding technologies, agricultural technologies, the use of artificial intelligence in skin care and cancer detection, an upscale bourbon distillery, and an ancient grain-based manufacturer of plant-based milk products. yogurt which has just been launched at Whole Foods and more.

Francis recently retired as CEO of Eyoto, a European MedTech company headquartered in Birmingham, England Which specializes in developing engineering platforms and artificial intelligence software for the optical and ophthalmology industries. Before joining and investing in Eyoto in 2017, he spent eight years as CEO of P2i, a nanotechnology company from the UK Ministry of Defense based in Oxford, England which has grown from a pre-revenue start to the dominant global player in the functional nano-coating industry. Francis also spent three years as CEO successfully acquiring, managing and exiting Adria Ltd, in a backed acquisition on behalf of a small private equity group of which he was a founding partner.

Francis has also held several non-executive positions, including President based in London HSD Communications Ltd. From 1998 to 2007. he He started his career as a certified public accountantAnd He is a member of MensaAnd He holds a BA from the University of Cincinnati. Francis He and his British wife, Leslie, live in Richmond Hill.

Outgoing board as soon as possible chair Handsome Anders commented, “I’ve always enjoyed working with exciting early stage companies, and ASAP provides a great platform for that engagement. We have an excellent angel investment group here in Savannah, with a strong investment portfolio and enthusiastic and active membership. I am proud of what our members have achieved over the past few years, and I have great confidence that Karl will build on this positive momentum.”

Francis is looking forward to leading the group into the next chapter.

“Nice to meet you and honor To meet this new challenge, Francis said. “In general, ASAP members have invested in $15 million over the past 17 yearsAnd And We pride ourselves on not only providing capital but guidance, guide and industry experience For enthusiastic young entrepreneurs.

Added in response to a question about resuming membership of ASAPAnd Some of our members join in order to expand their personal investment portfolios with privately owned early stage companies, while others enjoy meeting and listening to smart and enthusiastic young entrepreneurs. However, others enjoy the social aspect and camaraderie that comes from being part of our group and participating in one of our investment teams. Over the years, I think I’ve been in each of these categories at one time or another.

ASAP members come from a variety of backgrounds across a wide range of industries. Some are still building their careers, others are active retirees, and still others are passive investors striving for a high return. ASAP’s mission is to provide opportunities for its members likely to check Outstanding financial returns through investment and participation in early stage companies with a focus on technology. For more information, please visit the website


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