SEL matters more than ever

“I hope these two extra days will allow everyone to take some extra time for themselves and their families. Family is, after all, so much of what Thanksgiving is about.” -Doctor. Kelvin R Adams, Superintendent of Schools, St. Louis Public Schools Like St. Louis, school districts across the country have chosen to add partial or … Read more

This Unacademy Ad Starring MS Dhoni Took Almost One Year To Make

MS Dhoni starred in an advertisement for Unacademy, which took nearly a year to complete. Bengaluru-based educational technology company Unacademy today released a trailer starring former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The ad, titled Lesson #7, shows MS Dhoni trying to pass a train with several obstacles in his path. A meteor rushing towards him … Read more

How Other Countries Are Doing It

If necessity is the mother of invention, teachers and school leaders around the world have spent two years innovating in the shadow of the pandemic, resulting in innovative ways to implement instructions when schools close. A new report from the International Education Association and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) looks at … Read more

The convergence of technology, education, and skilling can create a future-ready India

Over the last few years, India has been making significant progress in its journey towards a knowledge economy as it strengthens its educational infrastructure and macroeconomic fundamentals. These efforts have been further aided by a remarkable rise in a young force seeking alternative and independent opportunities affording greater autonomy and flexibility. While the market dynamics … Read more

FETC 2022 Preview: What’s Shouting the Loudest

In this article, I outline the observations regarding the major education trends taking shape at FETC 2022 using a typical conference session analysis approach. The ed-tech conference season in the US kicks off at the beginning of each year with a powerful event, the Future of Education Technology Conference, which is moving its venue from … Read more

Adapting EdTech for the individual

I wrote last week that the digital wave has arrived at home with the growing importance of educational technology. This week I’d like to take a deeper look at Adaptive Learning, a notable example of EdTech that includes aspects drawn from various fields of study including data science, artificial intelligence, psychometrics, and brain science. Such … Read more

New edWebinars | Special Education, Assessment, News Literacy, Culturally Responsive Practices, and more!

edWebinars and free CE certificates next one Register to attend the live broadcast or receive a recording. Reinforcement Learning from News and Media: Tips and Techniques for Teaching a Lifelong Skill Monday January. 24 @ 4 PM ET Submitted by KC Boyd, Library Media Specialist, District of Columbia Public Schools; Kathy Collins, Technology Instructor, Sharon … Read more