Best Bolt Cutters for Hard and Soft Metal

When you need a stealth way to cut a lock after losing your keys, try a pair of bolt cutters. Bolt cutters are heavy-duty pliers for cutting thicker metal rods and wire. Primarily, these pliers are for cutting screws but you can use them to cut thick and hard metals. Many people use them to … Read more

Worx 40V Power Share Snow Blower WG471

Works 40 volt snow blower eliminates gas and wire problems According to Worx, the 40V Power Share Snow Blower is lighter and easier to use than gas and wired snow blowers on the market. With its battery-powered model, you can get plenty of power without having to hard start and gas power emissions or bothering … Read more

How to remove cotter pin with pliers

I like to use the right tool for the job all the time because it’s the right thing to do. This also applies to when I remove the cotter pins from the vehicle’s suspension. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get creative when I don’t have the right tool on hand. This is why I … Read more

Cranach 14-in-1 Multitool Pliers Review

With more people turning to compact tools, multi-tool pliers are hard to ignore. These are special types of convertible tongs with multiple functions. It folds nicely to fit in a small bag and is easy to carry in a pocket or on a belt. Multi-tool pliers make the EDC tool very useful. Their multiple tools … Read more

Swaging tool, what is it?

Whether you are using an oscillating sleeve to attach a pole to fishing line or to attach cable railing hardware to the deck, or for any other form of rigging, you need a jogger to compress the sleeve. Otherwise, the connection may not withstand the load on the wire cable. This is why I wrote … Read more

What size knipex cobra do you need the most?

Even if you have a full set of knipex cobra pliers in your toolbox, all the way from the Cobra XS to 22 inches, the truth is that you will often find yourself using one size more than others. If this happens to you, don’t worry. this is normal. There is only one size of … Read more

How to avoid deforming snap rings (4 Easy Tips)

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy anything through them, Pliersman may earn some commission at no additional cost to you Snap rings or clips help hold components on the shaft or inside a cylindrical bore. These retaining rings provide significant tensile and yield strength to attach shaft assemblies and prevent them from coming … Read more

Hose pinch-off pliers, What are they?

When doing auto repair and maintenance routinely, you often come across flexible fluid hoses. These hoses hold automotive fluids such as fuel, transmission oil, power steering fluid, or coolant. It is flexible and easy to connect and detach. As a matter of fact, almost all of them use self-tightening hose clamps that are easy to … Read more