For Educators Receives Product of the Year in 2022 Modern Library Awards From LibraryWorks

Farmington Hills, Michigan – January 14, 2022 Jill, part of the Cengage group, is happy to announce that Storm in context: for teachers It was named Product of the Year at the 8th Annual LibraryWorks Modern Library Awards (MLAs). MLAs were created to recognize the most elite products and services serving the library industry.

Products and services were introduced in the fall of 2021 using a simple app, and then posted on a special site with improved descriptions and accompanying materials. These products are collected in small batches and submitted to the LibraryWorks database of more than 80,000 librarians in public, K-12, academic, and private libraries. Only customers who have experience with these products/services in their facilities are allowed to judge the products/services, resulting in a truly unbiased score.

Each judge rated the product on a numerical basis from 1-10 in a series of questions related to function, value, customer service experience, and overall satisfaction. The product with the highest overall score was awarded the coveted Product of the Year award. Storm in context: for teachers He received the highest score this year, achieving a 9.95.

Storm in context: for teachers It is the award-winning lesson planning tool that enables teachers to find and customize digital learning content, planning learning activities that work well for remote or personal environments and provide equality for all students. Fueled by content from storm in context Student databases, including customized lesson plans and exclusive tools to help teachers teach with easily shareable, curriculum-aligned resources, while enabling seamless collaboration within and across schools and districts.

Jenny Newman, Publisher and MLA Program Director, said, “It is no surprise that Jill has scored well. They have been at the forefront of the library industry for more than 65 years. This experience in the library, combined with new tools for use in the classroom, is what makes Storm in context: for teachers Very strong.”

In the feedback received about Storm in context: for teachersthe MLA judges praised innovation, accessibility, and high-quality content from a trusted source:

“I often beta school for different content platforms so we can stay on top of the latest and greatest resources that come out but I seem to find myself constantly referring to what Gale has done with Gale In Context: For Educators. They set the standards very high!” – Mullah Qadi

“To better create a more equitable learning environment, Gill has found a way to integrate accessibility and learning better than any other company/product on the market.” – Mullah Qadi

“Our staff (librarians as well as classroom teachers and school administrators) have found this resource to be rich in content. It is a time saver and staff know they are getting quality content from a trustworthy source.” – Mullah Qadi

Other Gale products awarded and honored with the 2022 MLA include:

“What makes the Modern Library Awards so special is the fact that the judges are actual customers who use our products,” said Paul Gazzolo, senior vice president and general manager at Gale. “These testimonials underscore and confirm that our hard work and commitment to providing high-quality digital resources to libraries is making a significant impact, and we are very pleased to receive this honor.”

About Cengage and Jill Group

The Cengage Group, an educational technology company serving millions of learners in 165 countries, advances the way students learn through high-quality digital experiences. The company currently serves the K-12, higher and vocational education, library, English language education, and workforce training markets worldwide. Gale, part of the Cengage Group, provides libraries with original, structured content, as well as modern research tools and technologies that are critical in connecting libraries to learning, and learners to libraries. For more than 65 years, Gale has partnered with libraries around the world to enable the discovery of knowledge and insights – where, when and how people need them. Gale has 500 employees globally with its primary operations in Farmington Hills, Michigan. For more information, please visit

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About the Modern Library Awards Program

Modern Library Awards (MLAs) is a review program designed to recognize market elite products and services that can help library management personnel improve the quality of the library user experience and increase the performance of their library systems.

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