Hilti Nuron – an All-New 22V Cordless Power Tool System

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Hilti Neuron Cordless Power Tools Platform

Hilti just announced its new NURON wireless platform, which centers around a new 22-volt Li-ion battery.

There’s a lot to take in and discuss, so we’ll take things slow, and start with this brief introduction.

Hilti Neuron is described as Brand new 22v wireless platform with built in connectivity.

Hilti says:

The Nuron is a 22-volt single battery platform that enables cordless tools to be used in all types of jobs, from light drilling to heavy-duty concrete breaking.

The Nuron family of products will be launched with More than 60 toolsIt will include both handheld tools, such as drills, saws and angle grinders, and larger equipment such as a jackhammer.

The 22 volt batteries have been redesigned. Together, the new solutions provide “more than twice the power of existing 22-volt tools”.

Hilti Neuron batteries

There are 4 levels of batteries, with my own descriptions:

  • built
  • Balanced size and weight
  • high capacity
  • very high capacity

All Hilti Nuron batteries are compatible with all Hilti Nuron tools. Smaller batteries will provide less runtime for power-hungry tools, while higher capacity batteries can be too cumbersome on smaller tools. The same is true for wireless systems of most brands.

Built-in Hilti Neuron connection

Nuron will offer built-in battery diagnostics, which will inform users when the batteries are out It no longer works at optimum levels. This sounds similar to the battery health reports we see in modern devices like smartphones and laptops.

Nuron will also provide location services, for tool tracking and equipment management system.

Hilti says Neuron will collect details like When and how to use tools, error codes, charging location, or battery status. Tool data and user information may be linked together, but only voluntarily.

Hilti . battery compatibility

According to the FAQ, You can use an inverter to power almost all of your existing 22V gadgets with Nuron batteries. Also, No adapter for 36V tools.

Hilti Neuron in a nutshell

There is a wealth of information that we still need to unpack. For commercial users and larger teams, there are all-new “cloud-based data services” that aim to “simplify the tool bed and job sites”. For all users, Hilti Nuron appears to be a single wireless system that can handle all your jobs, big and small.

Neuron Promises:

More power and uptime – “Up to twice the power of equivalent 18V and 20V platforms”

Power ropes and gas. “

Advanced Security Solutions, including Active Torque Control (ATC) to reduce recoil risks, Dust Removal Systems (DRS), and Active Vibration Reduction (AVR0, altitude link options).


With so many new technologies and over 60 tools at launch, there’s a lot to cover. What questions do you have?

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