Podcast: Women’s hearts, psychedelic worldviews, and nanotechnology for children | Imperial News

In this edition: the differences between men’s and women’s hearts, how psychedelics can change our view of the world, and introducing children to nanotechnology.

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News: The Newest Omicron and Three Wise Women – We learn about the latest research on Omicron and how it can stave off immunity, the value of booster vaccines, and hear about three imperial medical experts working on different aspects of the pandemic.

Women’s Hearts – Meet Dr. Baz Tayal, who researches the differences between men’s and women’s hearts and why the problem has been resolved.

Drugs and the worldview How can taking drugs change your worldview and your perceptions of reality? We meet with the team exploring this question and how research into effects can be safely conducted.

Nanotechnology for kids – We meet Dr Jess Wade, where we hear how her passion for art and atoms collided in the children’s book Nano, which 500 copies have been sent to primary schools in the UK thanks to the Department of Materials and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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The podcast is presented by Gareth Mitchell, a lecturer on the Imperial MSc in Communications course and presenter of Digital Planet on the BBC World Service, with contributions from our traveling correspondents in Communications and Public Affairs.

Kylie Brewer

Kylie Brewer

Material Department


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