Power Electronics Engineer At Skanray Technologies

The Power Electronics Design Engineer is responsible for designing and developing high-powered electronics. One must be well versed in analog electronics, hardware design, exposure to schematics, willing to perform product testing, and willingness to learn and adopt new technologies.

The role will be part of R&D Radiology, which is responsible for the electronic development of X-ray-based generators.

Key areas of accountability and KPIs

Electronics design and development

  • Gathering, designing and discussing requirements for electronic board development especially for high voltage switching mode power
  • Work with cross-functional teams to build architecture and execute it according to plan
  • Guide in PCB design, manned panel testing, complete design documentation, etc.

technical expert

Participate in the collection of requirements, discuss design, implementation, review, and communicate with all stakeholders


Communicate with all stakeholders about the design, its impact on the system, risks and mitigation

Compliance lawyer

Ensure 100% compliance with QMS processes


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a technical field (Electrical / Electronic / Power Electronics)

work experience

3-10 years of experience and hands-on design experience in transformer mode transducers, resonant frequency converters, digital and analog electronics.

Required skill

  • 3 to 10 years of experience in switched mode transducers, resonant frequency converters, digital and analog electronics.
  • Knowledge of the different structures used for transformer and inverter applications. Practical experience in SMPS/inverter design is desirable.
  • Must understand PCB layout concepts and techniques for power and digital circuits
  • Should have knowledge of microprocessor application design concepts/
  • Microcontrollers, compact, in power electronics design.
  • Knowledge about the thermal design of transformers, heat sinks, and power devices is essential.
  • You must have knowledge in different switching topologies like Fly-back, Forward, Half Bridge, Full-Bridge etc.
  • Must have knowledge of Power Electronic Devices like BJTs, Power MOSFETs, IGBTs, Scotty Diodes etc.,
  • Hands-on experience in designing analog and power circuits, MOSFET drive circuits, control ICs, and other passive devices, etc.,
  • Accurate knowledge of high frequency magnetic design such as ferrite transformer design, ferrite inductor design, etc.,
  • Basic knowledge of high voltage generation, insulation materials, system etc.,
  • Hands-on with simulation tools such as MATLAB SIMULINK, PSPICE, MATHCAD, etc.,
  • Knowledge of product development life cycle in electronics design including creation of bill of materials, hardware design document, qualification test plans, environmental test plans and EMI/EMC test plans, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of UL and IEC standards for medical/industrial equipment.
  • Possess good teaching skills, loyal and good team player

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