Ryobi Surprises with New USB Lithium Cordless Power Tools

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Ryobi-USB-Lithium-Tools.  Ryobi-USB-Lithium Tools

Ryobi launched a new system of cordless power tools, USB Lithium, which is based on the new 4V Max / 3.6V Li-ion battery.

The Ryobi USB Lithium battery is removable and interchangeable with all new – and upcoming – gadgets in the product family.

Ryobi says that this new system Provides compact, portable, and rechargeable solutions for wireless power and productivity.

The new line of Ryobi USB Lithium gadgets will be available exclusively at Home Depot. Marketing materials indicate that the tools will be available at select Home Depot stores, as well as on HomeDepot.com.

Here’s what the set will include at launch:

  • USB 2.0Ah lithium battery
  • rotary tool
  • power carver
  • power cutter
  • cordless screwdriver

The new tools are expected to be available from spring 2022.

Ryobi USB Lithium Battery (FVB01)

Ryobi-USB- Lithium Battery

The Ryobi USB Lithium Wireless Tool System will be powered by a 2.0Ah battery.

The battery is charged via the USB-C port and has a built-in LED charging indicator.

It looks like the battery should be removed from the charger. There is no information yet about shipping times or prices.

Price: $19.97

Ryobi USB Lithium Cordless Rotary Tool (FVM51K)

Ryobi USB Lithium Cordless Rotary Tool

The new Ryobi USB Lithium Cordless Spinner Kit features a quick-change cap that Ryobi says allows for 4X faster accessory changes.

The tool has a compact design and a variable speed motor that delivers 5,000 to 25,000 revolutions per minute. It has a size of 1/8 collet.

Kit comes with (15) accessories, storage case, wrench, and (1) battery.

Price: $59.97

Ryobi Wireless Lithium Carver Battery (FVH51K) USB

Ryobi USB Lithium Power Carver

Although this looks like another picture of the new spinner, it’s actually a new USB Lithium USB power carver from Ryobi.


Ryobi says their new power carver is the industry’s first wireless power carver.

The stroke length of the Carver is 1mm and 14,000 strokes per minute.

Ryobi says that the carver is Ideal for carving on all types of wood and furniture restoration.

The set comes with a straight chisel, a U-pit, and a V-gouge. The straight chisel is designed for detailed carving, the U-shaped drill is designed for removing large amounts of wood, and the 90-degree angle is designed for relief carving.

It also comes with one (1) battery and a USB-C charging cable.

Price: $69

Ryobi USB Lithium Cordless Power Cutter (FVC51K)

Ryobi-USB-Lithium-Cordless-Cutter.  Ryobi-USB-Lithium-Wireless Power Breaker

The Ryobi USB Lithium power cutter features a self-sharpening blade that can cut a variety of thin materials, such as cardboard, plastic, carpet, rubber and leather.

Kit comes with tool, cutting blade pre-installed, battery (1), and USB-C charging cable.

Price: $59.97

Ryobi Lithium USB Cordless Screwdriver (FVD50K)


We don’t know much about the new “Twist Driver” cordless screwdriver, but it appears to have a pivoting knob that converts the tool from a conventional right-angle screwdriver to a built-in driver.


This isn’t Ryobi’s first 3.6V/4V Max cordless power tool system. The Ryobi Tek4 system was extensive, and included a variety of tools, electronics, workshop tools and accessories. The Tek4 production line was discontinued probably about 10 years ago.

Since then, Ryobi has introduced several 4V series tools, which are different styles of screwdrivers with built-in batteries.

The new Ryobi USB Lithium system looks very relevant.

Milwaukee’s RedLithium USB Wireless Platform still holds a lot of potential, and has shown users’ interest and demand in a USB rechargeable removable battery system.

None of these gadgets appear to have internal charging ports, which means the battery must be removed and charged via a USB-C cable directly. I’m fine with this.

On more premium products, like Milwaukee’s RedLithium tools and accessories, I’d like to be able to choose between built-in charging or connecting the battery to the charger.

Here, the battery itself has a built-in USB-C charging port, which means no external charger loses its track.

Tools can have a primitive charge status indicator – the rotating tool product image shows a single LED that is lit green. At these prices, I’m fine with that.

I have to say, I’m excited about these tools, as well as the path Ryobi is on.

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