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MANALAPAN, NJ, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sun Pacific Holding Corp. is pleased. (OTC: SNPW) to announce Sun Pacific Power “NANO SOLAR” panels offering global sales and a capacity of up to 50 megawatts annually. With this new product line, Sun Pacific will have the opportunity to introduce nanotechnology and build integrated solar panels that can achieve greater efficiency.

Nicholas Campanella, CEO of Sun Pacific Holding Corp., said: “We are excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to the emerging renewable energy market to expand our solar footprint and deliver Nano Solar CIGs on a world-class level. Our product will be used in a multitude of applications and offer lightweight panel technology with an option Providing various colored solar panels for building facades and reducing roof loads.”

Sun Pacific Power CIGS units are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of reliability. The semiconductors in Stion thin-film solar panels consist of copper, indium, gallium, selenium, and sulfur (a compound often abbreviated as CIGS). Traditionally, CIGS-based materials have shown the highest efficiencies of any thin-film technology. However, there are many differences in technology and performance varies widely based on how the material is deposited and processed. CIGS semiconductor film consists of both metallic and non-metallic elements. Stion uses two separate steps in the process to form a semiconductor film.

The first is ideally suited for the deposition of mineral elements.

The second is ideal for supplying and integrating non-metallic elements in the film.

These two processes allow exceptional uniformity of a large area.

BIPV – Integrated Building Photovoltaics. Solar PV panels are integrated into the building fabric rather than adding a “cracking” The PV panel replaces traditional building cladding materials but with the added advantage of producing renewable electricity. The main advantage of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is the marginal additional cost of installation. BIPV is one of the fastest growing segments of the photovoltaic industry.

BIPV also offers other advantages. Its applicability to a wide range of applications and vertical and horizontal roofs means that a wider area can be used to generate solar energy than just conventional rooftops. Moreover, by generating electricity at the point of use, transmission losses are reduced and there is no need to upgrade the grid.

BIPV glass can also provide additional energy saving benefits in reducing heat loss and heat gain, since a non-mechanical system requires little or no maintenance over its life.

The Sun Pacific Power range of BIPV modules provides good environmental adaptability, less sensitivity to installation angle and more suitable for vertical installation. One or more combinations of our BIPV module types can be used to create a unique look and feel for your building. This gives everyone the advantage of generating energy without the need for additional space like traditional solar panels

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