US drops case against MIT professor accused of ties to China

The Justice Department on Thursday dropped charges against an MIT professor accused of concealing ties to the Chinese government, in another setback to a federal initiative set up to prevent economic espionage and Beijing’s theft of trade secrets and academic research. . The department revealed its decision in the case against Jang Chen in federal … Read more

In-Mold Electronics: Multiple Players, Diverging Strategies, Explored by IDTechEx | State

BostonAnd January 18 2022 /PRNewswire/ – How do we communicate with our electronic devices? There are many “Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)” options, from well-established switches (keyboard/mouse/mechanical switches) to fairly recent developments such as capacitive touch screens found in smartphones. As more and more devices around us gain “smart” functionality, the ability to elegantly and cost-effectively integrate … Read more

Prosecutors Recommend Dropping Charges Against MIT Professor | Massachusetts News

By Eric Tucker, The Associated Press Federal prosecutors have recommended dropping charges against a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor accused last year of concealing work he did for the Chinese government while raising US dollars for his nanotechnology research, a person familiar with the decision said Friday. . The decision in Jang Chen’s case is … Read more