WeVideo Releases WeVideo Classroom for Educational Multimedia Creation

Mountain View, California (January 13, 2021) WeVideo today launched WeVideo Classroom, a cloud-based multimedia creation platform for educators to help drive student engagement and spark deeper learning through the creative process. Developed in response to evolving education demands during an unprecedented year, WeVideo Classroom makes it easy for teachers to incorporate multimedia creation into more enriching everyday lessons, helping students think critically, collaborate, and gain a deeper understanding of knowledge.

“Teaching has been a huge challenge for students and teachers as they navigate remote, in-person and hybrid learning environments. With this in mind, we developed WeVideo Classroom to make multimedia creation accessible to all students, while better serving the everyday needs of schools. At the same time The enhanced platform frees teachers to focus on lesson planning and instruction, rather than managing tools,” said Krishna Menon, CEO of WeVideo.

Designed to meet the unique needs of education environments, WeVideo Classroom features easy-to-use organizational tools that allow teachers to easily create and assign multimedia projects, create collaborative student groups, monitor progress, and share feedback. Whether teachers are experienced WeVideo users or have no prior video knowledge, getting started with WeVideo Classroom is simple and only takes a few minutes to set up projects. Convenient for students of all levels, WeVideo Classroom provides a simplified, real-time collaborative video editor; Drag and drop schedule; and simplified multimedia tools that enable students to flex their creative muscles and demonstrate their understanding of concepts.

As teachers have had to pivot and prioritize more flexible learning environments, WeVideo has also introduced the WeVideo quick recorder tool for schools to meet everyday educational needs. Built directly into the Chrome browser for ease of use and accessibility, Quick Recorder makes creating important how-to videos in two clicks. Ideal for remote or blended learning environments, the tool allows educators to record their screens for dynamic video lessons that can be shared as is or plugged into WeVideo templates for an instantly polished and engaging classroom resource.

“One of the most important things in education today is giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge through creativity, which provides students with the ability to show their creativity and make use of their voices. However, today’s classroom challenges have made it difficult for teachers to provide opportunities for students to create, and most media tools Multiplayer is not designed for education environments.WeVideo has responded to these challenges with a straightforward, easy-to-use platform designed for students and learning that will ultimately lead to more positive experiences in the classroom, allowing teachers to spend more time teaching, and students spending more time creating and spend less time,” said Andrew Feketty, education technology specialist.

“WeVideo has done it again! They have come up with new ways to make learning and teaching more engaging, and I love using WeVideo Classroom to make video creation simple for students and make it easier for teachers to assign projects and guide their students through the process. It’s an essential tool for all teachers!” said Rhonda Jenkins, Principal LMC Center, Kendall Elementary School.

WeVideo Classroom is now available across all platforms and devices, including Mac, PC, Google Chromebook, iOS and Android, and teachers can access WeVideo for Schools Quick Recorder as a free plug-in for Chrome. To get started with WeVideo Classroom or find more information, visit: https://www.wevideo.com/education/classroom

About WeVideo

WeVideo is a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based collaborative video creation platform. With over 38 million accounts created to date, WeVideo is the number one choice for businesses, consumers, educators, and students, as well as the video backbone of many third-party media solutions. WeVideo can be accessed from any computer or device: at school, at home, at work, or on the go. Users can easily capture, edit, view and share videos for personal, social, commercial or educational purposes by securely storing their content in the cloud. Download the mobile app on iTunes or Google Play, and visit the website for more information: https://www.wevideo.com/

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