Innovative Thermal Management Solution for EVs

Hella has unleashed an innovative cooling hub solution that could revolutionize thermal management in electric vehicles (EVs). Given the steady increase in vehicle electrification and the importance of efficient thermal management in electric vehicles, HELLA has come up with the Cooling Control Center, an innovative subsystem that it says could revolutionize the vehicle’s thermal management. … Read more

Automotive Electronics Control Market Size And Forecast to 2029

New Jersey, United States, – this is Automotive electronics control market The report covers business forecasts for the years 2022-2029, as well as company strategy and industry size. It enters into the assessment of the competitive environment, which covers key demographics, ratings, and customer performance. By providing an overview of the markets and statistics related … Read more

Yageo : On behalf of Shenzhen Chilisin Electronics, announces the disposal of financial products

statement – statement 1.Name and nature of the underlying assets (if preferred shares, the terms and conditions of issuance shall also be indicated, e.g., dividend yield, etc.): Industrial and Commercial Bank of China structured deposit 2.Date of occurrence of the event:2021/11/22 ~ 2022/01/20 3.Amount, unit price, and total monetary amount of the transaction: Volume and … Read more

a New Path for Prosthetics

The development of polymeric nanocomposites for various applications of nanotechnology and biomedical sciences has recently gained attention for their potential use in prosthetics. Image Credit: SeventyFour / This area of ​​research will innovate the field due to the impact of the large population. Research demonstrating the reinforcing effect of using carbon nanotubes has been … Read more

Modules Facilitate Wireless Charging in Thin and Compact Devices

New miniature wireless charger modules from ROHM come with an integrated antenna board to ease wireless charging in thin and compact devices. In response to the challenges faced by designers of wireless power supplies, ROHM has developed compact wireless charger modules with an integrated antenna board. Measuring just 20mm2 to 30mm2 Each, the BP3621 (transmitter) … Read more

SEL matters more than ever

“I hope these two extra days will allow everyone to take some extra time for themselves and their families. Family is, after all, so much of what Thanksgiving is about.” -Doctor. Kelvin R Adams, Superintendent of Schools, St. Louis Public Schools Like St. Louis, school districts across the country have chosen to add partial or … Read more

This Unacademy Ad Starring MS Dhoni Took Almost One Year To Make

MS Dhoni starred in an advertisement for Unacademy, which took nearly a year to complete. Bengaluru-based educational technology company Unacademy today released a trailer starring former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The ad, titled Lesson #7, shows MS Dhoni trying to pass a train with several obstacles in his path. A meteor rushing towards him … Read more